2 Online Marketing Trends To Help You Grow Your Local Small Businesses

startup-photos-250x167  I think the surge in video content can – and will be – a big game changer for small business owners. Videos play well on desktop, but they are fantastic on mobile devices, and since more than half your target audience now consumes content on the go, video is powerful way to reach them.

For small businesses, video tutorials are effective, because they provide value by helping viewers solve a problem. Live streaming video can also work well when your business is unveiling a new product. But it’s also great for live Q&As with your audience that can increase personal engagement.

Small business owners should also take advantage of geo-conquesting, which is a local marketing strategy that lets you create virtual fences around local areas where your competitors are located. When someone visits a business within that area, your company sends push notifications that offer discounts or offers that are better than what your competitor is offering.

Geo-conquesting is great for small businesses that are competing with similar companies in a specific geographic area. It targets people you already know would be likely to look at your offers, because they are already members of your target audience.

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