10 Things to Do on the Internet for Entertainment

pexels-artem-podrez-4492129  The internet connects us to the internet, and there are endless things to do for everyone. However, we often find ourselves bored even when we are online. It’s not that there is any shortage of things to do; we just can’t think of anything fun to do when we need it the most.

Here I have shared a list of interesting things you can do on the internet when you are bored. I can’t promise that you will like all of them as everyone has different tastes, but you will enjoy most of them. So, let’s get started.

Join Chat Rooms

There are hundreds of chat rooms on the internet. Most of them have a specific purpose and a predefined target audience. For example, most of the popular chat rooms are made for “romantic” activities.

It’s up to you to join the rooms of your taste. There are video chat rooms and places where you can use just audio or text messages. Many find it adventurous to join a video room, but they get to see some disturbing things sometimes. If you have the heart of an adventurer and you don’t easily get offended, you should prioritize joining some chat rooms. They have the most entertainment to offer.

Some chat rooms are made for the general public, specifically for people who are bored. They will talk about anything you want. Some might share crazy stories that are sure to entertain you. You can see this list of the best chat rooms for all sorts of purposes, such as making friends and dating.

Google Yourself

Almost everyone has googled himself at least once in his life. It’s fun no matter how many times you do it. You always get to find something new about yourself on the internet that was not there before. If nothing else, it might get you curious about getting more of you online.

This could get you to start a website and upload pictures to build your online presence. See how many pictures you have and where they were uploaded. You can do some experimentation to see how information changes about you.

See Other Countries Through Google Street View

If you are into traveling the world, here is something that will excite you. Try Google Street View. It literally shows streets from the country you choose.

Google is a giant with cameras all around the world. It’s not just cameras on satellite. Its cams on different polls around the world enable it to show activities of many cities and countries. You can visit these places before you fly out there. It’s a fun way to kill time and learn many new things in the process.

This is also a great service that helps people who can’t afford to fly around the world. This truly makes this world a global village where everything is accessible.

Join Penny Auctions

We don’t recommend gambling, but it’s no problem if it’s just a little fun activity to kill time. If you don’t have a gambling problem, you should see sites that offer you a reward if you win in exchange for a small amount.

You just bet pennies and get an expensive gift if you win. You will have to send them money first, so make sure you only join trusted websites where it’s no problem to give credit card information.

Try Becoming a YouTube Celebrity

The most idiotic things go viral in the twenty-first century. You will see many stupid people with no talent whatsoever becoming a celebrity. Some just review things and get famous on YouTube.

If you have extra time at your hand almost every day, try to become a YouTube celebrity yourself. You just have to pick a niche that you are good at and start uploading content.

There are many tips and guides on the internet that help you become a brand or go viral. It feels like work if you do something you don’t like. I suggest you get into it only if you find it entertaining. We all have a little desire in our hearts to become a celebrity. Fortunately, it’s no longer as difficult as it used to be.

Do Some Blogging


If you are into writing, the internet has many opportunities for you. Not only do you enjoy it but also get paid for it. All an artist wants is audience and appreciation. You can get both in addition to some money through blogging.

You can either create a blog of your own or join existing popular platforms where you will get more readers from the very beginning. However, these popular platforms may not offer much opportunity to earn. Ones that do pay well ask you to go through strict scrutiny.

Since you are just doing it for fun, think of a topic you want to write about and find good websites that will be willing to publish it.

Contact them and start writing. Pour your heart out and send them for publication. You can later go read the comments of your viewers and even reply to them.

Read Confessions on Reddit

If nothing else works for you, I’m sure Reddit won’t disappoint you. It’s a great platform where people can post anonymously and pour their hearts out. Simply ask a question and see the responses you get. It doesn’t matter how weird or personal the question is. However, it will take some time before you get any responses.

You can search weird questions on Reddit that people asked months or years ago and see the responses it got.

One of the best and most interesting niche questions is confession. Use the keyword confession to search for the wildest questions and answers. You won’t realize how fast the hours pass by when you are reading them.

Read Webcomics

So comics are no longer just for kids, and no, I’m not suggesting you watch hentai. Comics are a lot more than just that. There are many funny and interesting comics with a great storyline and animation.

You might find it difficult not to read them every day once you get hooked on them, and it’s pretty easy to get hooked on them.

Study a New Language


Not for everyone, but many people find it fun to explore a new language. You don’t have to completely master the new language; just learning a few basic sentences should be enough and fun.

This not only keeps you entertained but also makes your time productive. You can also join chat rooms of people trying to learn a new language and chat with them.

You Can Learn Magic Skills

Another fun thing to learn that I know most boys would definitely enjoy is magic. You don’t have to just see magic, now you can learn it.

Some may say it’s geeky, but no one can deny that it’s fun. You finally get to see the secrets behind all those amazing tricks. You should also know that you won’t master every trick right away, as you still need a lot of practice. That practice is another great way to spend time. These tricks can be used to entertain kids in your family or maybe impress a girl.

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